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Cirsty is a catalyst for change, leveraging her extensive clinical and managerial expertise to foster innovative thinking. Her ability to “join the dots” facilitates the creation of optimal conditions for thriving communities, offering partners a range of high-quality options encompassing support, resources, governance, education, and expertise to reshape workplace and community landscapes.

She collaborates closely, tailoring her approach to each project, and has a track record of securing local funding to enhance community and service capacity and well-being. Cirsty is dedicated to establishing pathways and services rooted in sound governance and structures that ensure they support good health and wellbeing whilst also providing growth, impact, sustainability and return on investment.

Cirsty’s clients present a diverse array of challenges, including disability and accessibility issues, strategy formulation, service development, clinical governance, quality assurance, staff and wellbeing development, and workplace wellbeing culture improvement. She approaches each challenge with fresh insights derived from her extensive experience and sector connections.

Whenever possible, Cirsty ensures projects are linked to existing community assets, enabling a more coordinated approach to addressing islanders’ needs, maximising local opportunities, strengthening the economy, and addressing social inequalities.

Disability, Accessibility and Inclusion Specialist

16,000 people in Jersey identify as having a disability or long term health condition that affects their day-to-day lives.

As a Chartered Physiotherapist with over 20 years of experience, I offer expert guidance to create accessible and inclusive environments and services for individuals with disabilities. My aim is to inspire leadership and personnel in organisations of all sizes and sectors to increase awareness, deepen understanding, and implement solutions that enhance accessibility within our community.

I am deeply passionate about upholding the rights, dignity, and empowerment of disabled people. I firmly believe that creating diversity, accessibility and inclusion not only benefits businesses but are also fundamental to social justice and human rights.

My services are customised to each client’s specific needs and objectives. I leverage evidence-based practices and innovative solutions to address the challenges and opportunities presented by disability inclusion.

Disability does not mean inability, people are disabled by environment and attitude. It is not a barrier, but an opportunity for innovation and diversity.

Offering a range of disability, accesibility and inclusion services:

  • Consultancy to promoting inclusivity and improving the experiences of individuals with disabilities in various settings

  • Individual Clinical assessments or advice for disabled people to enable them to access services / sports / community groups / workplaces

  • Accessibility assessments and audits, providing recommendations for improvement

  • Developing and delivering disability awareness, accesibility and inclusion training programs

  • Providing guidance on policies, procedures and best practices

  • Facilitating stakeholder engagement and consultation on disability issues

  • Support, coaching and training to implement disability, accessibility and inclusion policies and practices

  • Advising on reasonable accommodations and assistive technologies

  • Providing a voice and promoting disability rights and advocacy in the community

  • Facilitating communication and collaboration between disabled and non-disabled stakeholders



“One cannot separate the health of the individual from the health of the community, from the health of the world” Patch Adams

Offering expert counsel and consultancy to organisations to foster innovative thinking and implement changes in pathways, strategies, services, governance, processes, structures, and cultures that promote community connection, inclusion and support good health and well-being.

Delivering specialised consultancy based upon the principles of Asset Based community Development (ABCD), I provide expert guidance and support to organisations, groups, individuals and professionals in various areas rooted in best practice, strong governance, and quality assurance. My expertise includes health and wellbeing, clinical governance, disability, accessibility, inclusion, quality improvement, service user safety, and evidence-based practices. I assist clients in identifying their needs, designing and implementing solutions, and evaluating outcomes. Additionally, I offer training, coaching, and mentoring for staff and leaders, with the ultimate aim of helping clients improve health and wellbeing through establish coordinated workplace, community and health and social care services and pathways characterised by excellence in clinical care and service delivery.

I also support organisations in understanding and enhancing the health and wellbeing of staff and clients and their social value and impact. This involves assessing how their activities influence and support the well-being of individuals and communities, ultimately promoting good health and well-being. I provide recommendations and guidance on improving social value, ensuring it aligns with and benefits the local community.

Offering a range of consultancy services such as:

  • Clinical Consultancy with expert advice and guidance to health and community organisations, charities and businesses including clinical governance, disability, inclusion, quality assurance / improvement, service user safety, and evidence-based practice

  • Conduct research and analysis on community / service needs, assets, opportunities and challenges

  • Design and facilitate participatory processes and workshops to foster collaboration and learning among stakeholders

  • Project based work analysing the current situation, identifying gaps, problems and opportunities, and recommending solutions and best practices.

  • Providing guidance, support and training on clinical subjects, disability, rehabilitation, health and wellbeing policies, procedures and best practices

  • asset Based Community Development (ABCD) Training, facilitation and project management

  • Provide training, coaching, or mentoring to staff members to promote and support good health and wellbeing

  • Volunteer recruitment, management and training

  • Communicate and engage with stakeholders at all levels to build awareness, commitment, and readiness for change.

  • Provide coaching, training, and support to leaders and employees to facilitate the adoption and sustainment of change

  • Support for businesses and organisations to develop impactful ESG / CSR strategies and programmes

  • Facilitating communication and collaboration between organisations, individuals and community stakeholders

  • Support organisations in the development and delivery of their health and wellbeing strategy and culture

Public Speaker and Workshop Facilitator

“People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel” Maya Angelou

Cirsty excels is a skilled meeting facilitator, capable of managing gatherings of varying sizes, formats, and purposes. These may include brainstorming sessions, decision-making meetings, strategic planning, feedback sessions, stakeholder consultations, community dialogues, or project reviews. She possesses the ability to design and lead engaging and productive workshops for diverse audiences and topics, adapting to different meeting styles and cultures. Cirsty is adept at professionally handling any challenges or conflicts that may arise, drawing upon her experience in working with diverse groups and sectors, employing various methods and tools to foster collaboration, creativity, and learning. She also provides support for workshop evaluation and follow-up, offering constructive feedback and ensuring outcomes align with participants’ and organisers’ expectations and needs.

In need of an independent Chairperson for your meeting? Cirsty is a confident chair with a track record of leading meetings across various settings and sectors. She ensures meetings run professionally, objectives are met, agendas are followed, discussions are facilitated, time is managed efficiently, conflicts are addressed, and key points are summarised, all whilst keeping participants engaged.

Cirsty is also an experienced public speaker, having worked with the media professionally and personally, making her comfortable in front of cameras and microphones. She delivers high-quality speeches on a wide range of topics, including leadership, motivation, resilience, rehabilitation, disability, and death/grief. She has presented at conferences, seminars, workshops, and corporate events locally and nationally with positive reviews from attendees.

Cirsty tailors her speeches to meet specific needs and goals, considering audience size, level, and background. She incorporates humour, stories, anecdotes, and facts to make her speeches lively, relevant, and impactful.

‘It was a pleasure to support Little Miracles Jersey at our CISI Jersey Branch Annual Dinner. Cirsty’s speech was in fact by far one of the best charity speeches I have heard at one of our regional branch annual dinners. ’ Bree Joyce – Chartered Society for Securities and Investment

“Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much”

Helen Keller

“Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much”

Why work with Cirsty?

Cirsty has over 20 years of experience as a Chartered Physiotherapist and Manager.

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