The power of Community to create health is far greater than any doctor, clinic or hospital.

Mark Hyman MD

Connecting Communities: a disability and community health and wellbeing consultancy that offering consultancy, coaching and project-based work to develop cultures, services and strategies that start with putting people and communities at the heart of pathways, systems and processes.

Connecting Communities works as a catalyst for change, collaborating with people, communities and organisations who are seeking an innovative approach to their work. Cirsty has the unique ability to ‘join the dots’, providing strategic direction and leadership, bringing together people, organisations and projects to craft tailored solutions aligned with the needs of the local people, community and organisations that she is working with.

As a Chartered Physiotherapist and Chartered Manager, Cirsty leverages her extensive local network, clinical expertise, leadership experience, creativity, and passion to build relationships, pathways, and services based upon best practice, sound Governance and most importantly the strengths and ‘lived experience’ of people.

Cirsty running in a trail with her son in a specialist wheelchair buggy

I am passionate about ensuring that islanders, especially those that may otherwise be marginalised, are supported and empowered to access services which enable them to have good health and wellbeing.

I enjoy tackling complex issues faced by changemakers by bringing people together to develop fresh approaches, based upon principles of good governance to advance understanding of what works.

I’ll collaborate with you to empower and foster the conditions, services, and values necessary for people to feel connected, supported, and lead meaningful lives, irrespective of their social circumstances or health.

Connecting Communities works with changemakers

Whether you are a charity, business, public service, community group or individual, I can help and support you

Let’s Work together to Connect Communities

Disability & Inclusion

Helping create accessible and inclusive services and environments

Supporting people with disabilities to access the community and services


Offering expert advice and guidance to organisations encouraging them to envision meaningful and significant transformation whether in strategies, services, governance, processes, structures, or cultures

Delivering specialised clinical, disability and community health and wellbeing consultancy rooted in best practice, sound governance and quality assurance measures.

Assisting organisations in the implementation of CSR / ESG initiatives aimed at promoting good health and wellbeing that are connected and relevant to local community

Public Speaker & Workshop Facilitator

Experienced, inspiring and passionate speaker renowned for motivating talks, presentations, and workshops.

Proficient in crafting and leading interactive and captivating workshops across diverse audiences and subjects.

Nurturing Community

Contributing to the local community by sharing expertise in disability, inclusion, accessibility, charity and community development, governance, decision-making, and movement building.

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Clinical Experience

20+ years

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Jersey is an amazing island, together we can make it even better.

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